Many of these events were predicted by Maitreya Rael over the last 40 years and have been published in his books since 1974.

YearDiscoveryRaelian commentary
2014Large Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system (Chia-Wei Cheng) More evidence of health benefits of fasting, a Raelian practice.
2014Scnt First embryonic stem cell cloned from adult humans (Young Gie Chung) Embryonic stem cells can be made from people of any age.
201311 Human Cloning First human embryonic stem cell from cloning (Shoukhrat Mitalipov) Easy access to human stem cells for cloning and organ replacement treatments.
201314 Compassion Brain Can Be Trained in Compassion (Helen Weng) Survival of humanity on earth depends on love and compassion which can be developed and strenghtened by meditation and visualization techniques that Raelians practice daily.
201315 Biologicalcomputer Biological Computer (Ehud Keinan) Human brain is a biological computer and developing biological computers in laboratory brings us one step closer to creating biological robots to free us from the need to work.
201213 Universegiantbrain Universe Is A 'Giant Brain' (Dmitri Krioukov) There is an infinity of love and intelligence in the universe, an infinity of intelligence life forms and interconnected civilizations acting like a giant universal brain.
20122 Meditation Heart Meditation reduces your risk of having a heart attack (Robert Schneider) Daily meditation practice brings health, happiness and long life.
2011Watson Jeopardy Artificial intelligence: Watson wins Jeopardy (David Ferrucci) Intelligent computers and robots at the service of humanity.
20104 Synthetic Life First synthetic life (Daniel Gibson & Craig Venter) The beginning of scientific creation of life in laboratory.
20103 Multiverse First evidence of other universes (Roger Penrose & Vahe Gurzadyan) Universe is infinite in time and space. There is infinity large and infinity small, infinity in both directions of large and small and past and future with no beginning and no end.
2006Img Assist Custom 600x452 Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (Shinya Yamanaka) Stem cells as a source of therapy and organ replacement.
200612 Nucleardecay Time-Varying Nuclear Decay (Jere Jenkins) Nuclear decay is not constant as was first revealed in Raelian messages in 1973. Life on earth is much younger than thought due to errors in nuclear decay dating techniques.
20035 Mindfulnessmeditation Alterations in brain and immune function produced by mindfulness meditation (Richard Davidson) Meditation as a source of rejuvenation of body and brain, awakening of the mind and prevention of disease.
20019 Human Genome Ten Years In 17889 600x450 First draft of the human genome (The Human Genome Project) The beginning of genetic understanding of human body and mind, a first step towards cloning and creating human life.
19966 Dolly P First cloning of an adult mammal: Dolly the sheep (Keith Campbell & Ian Wilmut) Cloning as a technique towards eternal life and regeneration of human body for multiple life times in multiple cloned bodies.
199216 Speedlight Quantum Tunneling Faster than light, quantum tunnelling time (Günter Nimtz & Raymond Chiao) The Elohim are able to travel faster than the speed of light. Our scientists are beginning to discover that such speeds may be possible.
19881 Exoplanet First Extrasolar planet discovered (Bruce Campbell) There are an infinite number of extraterrestrial civilizations.
1982Internet The TCP/IP protocol enabling the Internet (Vinton Cerf & Bob Kahn) Internet as consciousness of humanity, connection of all human beings and more rapid growth of science, discovery and innovation.