Selection of summarized articles of Raël-science published in july-august 71/72aH


1 Life Sciences

1.1 – The DNA of one-cell human embryos have been improved with the gene-editing technique CRISPR. The objective is to eradicate or correct genes causing inherited diseases. The injection of CRISPR into the eggs is made at the same time they were fertilized with sperm

1.2 – Genes called LLC (late life cyclers) become active late in life or during periods of intense stress and are linked to aging. Necessary during times of stress they can be harmful if activated all the time. They are found throughout the nervous system and peripheral organs

1.3 – Stem cells in the brain’s hypothalamus govern how fast aging occurs in the body. Their number declining over the life accelerates aging. They release molecules called microRNAS. By injecting microRNAS in the cerebrospinal fluid, the treatment significantly slowed aging in the mice

1.4 – An experiment in Canada shows that stem cell therapy can halt and even reverse some symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The treatment consists of destruction and rebooting of each person’s immune system but is not for everyone with MS because of the high risks

1.5 – The brain is directly connected with the immune system by until now unknown vessels. The discovered vessels are part of the lymphatic system, look different with age and could play a role in neurological diseases

1.6 – Mice have been protected from diabete through genetically modified skin grafts. Using CRISPR gene-editing researchers alter the GLP-1 gene for longer activity, around 3 months. It will be easy to translate this treatment to people with type 2 diabete instead of daily insulin injections, possibly for other types of disease too


2  Physical Sciences

2.1 – A new model of general relativity that applies quantum corrections terms predicts universe has no beginning, resolving the problem of the Big Bang singularity. They replaced classical geodesics with quantum trajectories as a cosmological constant term and a radiation term which keep the universe at a finite size and an infinite age. The universe could be filled with a quantum fluid

2.2 – EBLM J0555-57Ab is the smallest star ever discovered at 600 light-years from the Earth. This red dwarf has the size of Saturn and a mass of 8% of the sun, minimum mass for a star. The red dwarfs, with a mass of less than 20% of the sun, are the most common in the universe

2.3 – Four experiments have produced evidence that some particles supposed to behave identically react differently to a mysterious influence in a collider. Twelve elementary particles and “force-carrier” particles describe the building blocks of the universe in the Standard Model. But a pattern called lepton universality, including electrons, muons and taus, is flouted by the rate of tau particles in 3 experiments compared to electrons, and the rate of electrons and muons in a 4th experiment. The only explanation would be an unrecognized force that breaks larger particles into taus and muons

2.4 – An extra-solar moon could have been discovered at 4000 light-years. If it’s the case it would have half-size of the Earth orbiting a planet 4 times bigger than Jupiter. But it could also be a Neptun-size planet around a small star of 0.12 sun mass

2.5 – For the first time physicists have observed a giant magnetic bridge between the Magellanic Clouds. A huge stream of neutral gas stretches 75,000 light years between our two neighbouring galaxies. The newly detected magnetic field is only one millionth strength of the Earth’s one 

2.6 – The cosmic velocity web is represented by flows of matter within filaments and towards knots in space. Using the motions of galaxies instead of their positions, astronomers locate the matter in clusters, filaments and voids. The mass and the 5 times more abundant « dark matter » define the structure of the universe


3  New Technologies

3.1 – Neurologists have created a hands-free musical instrument, called “Encephalophone”, which is controlled by thought. It collects brain signals through a cap, either from visual cortex (closing one’s eyes) or thinking of movement and is coupled with a synthesizer

3.2 – Living tissues can be 3D printed in self-contained cells wrapped in a lipid coating with a survival rate of 90%. These complex three-dimensionnal tissues could display the basic behaviours and physiology found in natural organisms et

3.3 – A new technology called LASSO can capture and clone thousands of long DNA fragments, the typical length of a gene’s protein code. The goal is to clone and express the entire set of proteins from any organism

3.4 – A smart chip using TNT (Tissue Nanotransfection) by reprogramming skin cells is able to generate any type of cell for treatment. The TNT bio-chip can deliver large molecules such as DNA in the cells on the surface of a tissue that may propagate quickly to all cells in skin and muscles leading to the formation of new blood vesicles and difficult to reproduce cells such as neurons

3.5 – Chinese surgeons have replaced 6 neck bones of a 28-year-old woman with chondrosarcoma thanks to a 13-hour operation. The new vertebrae are made of titanium alloy and 3D printed

3.6 – A new treatment called CAR-T has been approved by the FDA against a blood cancer. The “living drug” is tailor-made to each patient and consists of reprogramming the white blood cells which are put back inside to seek out and kill cancer cells


5  Articles :  * with Maitreya’s comment,     ** confirming the Messages

*  5.1 – The smell associated with human body sweat is caused by bacteria on the skin. Potassium alum, a natural crystal deodorant, adjusts the pH of the skin’s surface and prevents bacteria from growing. Therefore the body maintains its course of eliminating toxins through sweat and controls its temperature without odor

Maitreya's comment: «Soap destroys the good bacteria, particularly under your armpits. Then bad bacteria grow and the smell becomes terrible. If you wash regularly (even many times a day) with only water, you don't destroy the natural balance.Then there's no smell. If because of health problems or some clothes, or if you cannot access a place to wash yourself, as when you're traveling, carry a natural alum crystal with you: it destroys all bad odors without damaging your skin balance like soap does. I use alum regularly.»

*  5.2 – Elon Musk and 115 tech leaders demand to ban « killer robots » at the UN, similarily with the prohibition of land mines, firebombs and chemical weapons

Maitreya’s comment: «And they are absolutely right! They should be forbidden worldwide. And if one country still uses them, the president of such a country should be prosecuted for war crimes.»

**  5.3 – Japan officially allowed US to bring nuclear weapons to Okinawa in exchange of Okinawa’s reversion to Japan in 1969. 

Maitreya’s comment: “This is official confirmation of what I have said for a very long time, thanks to the Elohim information: There are a lot of atomic bombs on Okinawa (around 100) and that makes the island a priority target in the event of conflict with China and Russia. All nuclear weapons on Okinawa must be sent back to the USA as well as all US troops stationed on Okinawa's territory.

RS team note: You can read elohim leaks #7 at

** 5.4 – A sufficiently large group of meditators can prevent social violence in a region or a state. The group must reach or exceed the square root of 1% of the total population. Between 2007 and 2010, in the US, a group of at least 1,725 participants practicing Transcendental Meditation, was associated with a drop in homicide rate of 21.2% (or 5.3% per year) 

** 5.5 – 99 percent of microbes in our body are unknown from science today. Our microbiome contains trillions of bacteria, viruses and microbes that are foreign DNA. New class of viruses are closer to the animal class than the previously known human ones, divergent on the evolutionary scale