StartrekbannerThe University of Malta is hosting the first Star Trek academic symposium on July 10-11 2014. This event is an academic meeting, with the presentation of scholarly papers that will explore the intersection of the humanities and the sciences, on topics related to the famous Star Trek series. An excellent opportunity to introduce a scientific analysis of the Raelian Message to the academic world! The following abstract has been accepted and will be presented by a member of the Raelian science team. This is the first time the Raelian hypothesis is presented at an academic symposium.

Title: The Raelian hypothesis: Star Trek-like origin and spread of intelligent life in the galaxy

Abstract: In the Star Trek episode "The Chase", the protagonists learn that all humanoid life in our galaxy (Humans, Romulans, Klingons and Cardassians) share a common origin: they are all the result of genetic engineering by the first humanoid species in the galaxy. The exponential nature of technological progress in our terrestrial civilization suggests that habitable planets in our region of the universe might become populated by our own creatures in the distant future, making us Founders of new intelligent life made in our image. But what if we are not the first intelligent life in our galaxy? Is it possible that life on Earth is the result of a scientific experiment by an advanced extra-terrestrial civilization? In this presentation we will explore this fascinating hypothesis, first proposed by the Raelian Movement 20 years before "The Chase" episode, and examine how it could be reconciled with modern science, from paleontology to genomics.