The Raelian science team is excited to announce the creation of our new web site SCIENTIFIC RAELIAN!

This site will complement our existing RAEL-SCIENCE service which provides daily science news from various sources. Here we will publish original articles on scientific topics that are relevant to the Raelian Message. While RAEL-SCIENCE's mission is to deliver a daily selection of science and technology news stories, SCIENTIFIC RAELIAN will focus on more in-depth articles on selected topics related to the Raelian philosophy. We will explain how recent scientific discoveries support the Raelian worldview, with references to original scientific research and publications.

The goal of SCIENTIFIC RAELIAN is to be a repository of accurate information on scientific aspects of the Raelian Message. Over the years, an impressive list of Raelian claims, which were often ridiculed at first, have been confirmed by science. Examples include the existence of exoplanets, the beneficial effects of meditation, the health benefits of fasting, neuroplasticity, the biological basis of sexual orientation, near-death and out-of-body experiences being illusions, synthetic biology and life span manipulation. These were mentioned in Rael's books and lectures since 1973. Many more have been scientifically confirmed and will be carefully documented by our team.

We hope SCIENTIFIC RAELIAN will become a useful resource for anyone interested in studying or exploring the Raelian philosophy and understanding how it fits with modern science and new discoveries. We consider ourselves at the forefront of some revolutionary scientific and humanitarian ideas that in the coming decades, with the help of many other thinkers, scientists and engineers will transform our humanity in unimaginable new directions towards greater health, happiness and creativity for future generations.

Some of these ideas are space terraforming, extraterrestrial human migration, infinity in time and in space, the fractal nature of the universe, macrobiology (human civilization as a macro-organism), human cloning, mind transplantation, extended and eternal life, paradism (robot and technology based economy with the elimination of money), geniocracy & world government (governance by scientists and geniuses), love and kindness as physical wave frequencies yet to be discovered, and interplanetary relations with other civilizations.

We welcome collaborations, original scientific or humanitarian ideas, innovative solutions and new ways of thinking. Write to us If you would like to contribute ideas or articles.