Open Letter to the World's Science Community
Raelian Science Team

Dear Director/President,

I’m writing on behalf of the International Raelian Movement to share an idea and concern that may hold a unique opportunity for humanity’s future. As you may know, scientists have recently discovered more than 1000 exoplanets in our galaxy, some of which are believed to be habitable. Moreover, data from the Kepler space observatory suggests that as many as two billion planets in our galaxy may be suitable for life. Some astrophysicists have even suggested that binary stars exhibiting irregular energy flows may be signs that highly advanced extraterrestrial civilizations could be drawing upon energy from their local stars.

Such ideas and discoveries have naturally raised worldwide curiosity about the existence of extraterrestrial life forms and the possibility of making contact with them. Therefore, we believe it is both timely and imperative to initiate official, public, and scientifically based discourse about the likely existence of intelligent extraterrestrials and the possibility of making contact with them. Contact would, of course, have far-reaching implications for humanity. We need to articulate and plan for those implications, since contact with ETs would surely generate a major paradigm shift in the sciences. It could also transform our present culture and civilization in ways still unknown to us.

Clearly, a plan for dealing with an event of such great magnitude should not be left to chance! Yet although ET contact may be well within the realm of possibility during our lifetime, there is currently a void where such planning should be! This is a serious omission, for we need to take the probable existence of extraterrestrial life seriously and to prepare the public and our own institutions for contact.

With that in mind, we would like to request that your organization begin to reflect on the implications of contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life and then formulate a plan for that eventuality. We believe scientific organizations and institutions should play a leading role in public education, and that they should also initiate and promote concepts of interplanetary thinking in all arenas of concern. Should contact occur within the next few years or decades, scientific organizations will have to take the lead if we are to have credible policy options and wise guidance. There is a tremendous opportunity to advance interplanetary thinking in creative directions since we need to prepare for interplanetary diplomacy of tact and refinement with an inquisitive, nonjudgmental mindset.

The U.S. government has partially opened its archives of unexplained sightings, and has also devoted a small budget for SETI-related efforts. Unfortunately, these efforts are woefully inadequate, while serious public and formal discourse and potential policy options concerning ET contact are non-existent. These are important concerns for Raelians, since we believe life on Earth was scientifically created by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization. Note that this idea is not as farfetched today as it may have seemed some years ago, now that scientists like Craig Venter are beginning to create life in the laboratory.

Raelians acknowledge scientifically advanced extraterrestrials as the creators of life on Earth. Although those creators have been keeping a watchful eye on our planet for millennia, they have had minimal contact with us. However, they have sent a number of messengers, who were the founders of our moral and religious traditions. Although their teachings were later seriously distorted, religious institutions were at the core of human learning and scholarship for centuries. Today, science and rational thinking have eliminated many of the old primitive superstitions of organized religion, and science has brought humanity to its present level of scientific and technological achievement. In fact, our scientists and thinkers have nearly proven to civilizations beyond Earth that the intelligence and independence of the human mind can qualify us for acceptance into the intergalactic community of civilizations. Such acceptance will depend not only on our science and technological achievements but on our willingness to achieve peaceful cooperation and coexistence with civilizations whose achievements may even surpass our own.

We believe it’s the task of our generation to prepare for contact with extraterrestrials and eventual integration into an intergalactic community. We Raelians want to bring this important mission to the attention of this planet’s scientific and political leadership. Raelian philosophy touches upon and promotes scientific fields important for the future well-being of humanity, including the prospects of biological immortality and the scientific creation of life; the principles of happiness and consciousness; an awareness of the infinity of time and space; and benefits of meditation techniques and sensuality. (More information about these matters can be found on our Web site and in our publications.)

We are at the beginning of a long-term planetary transformation. Our generation can be the one that expands humanity’s horizons beyond the confines of this small blue planet. We can open our minds to galaxies and civilizations beyond our own and take our place among them. But if we are to do this, we must begin to plan right now for the encounter that will change our civilization in remarkable new directions… and almost certainly in ways we cannot even imagine.

Contrary to Hollywood movie scripts, we believe ET civilizations capable of travel outside their own solar systems can only be peaceful (since they would otherwise have destroyed themselves), and that they are seeking harmonious, mutually constructive interplanetary relations. We must shed all the old and stale misconceptions, and with careful deliberation, examine the possibilities with optimism, good will and the best of intentions. Organizations and agencies such as yours have the reputation and the know-how to plan and prepare us intellectually, politically and even psychologically for the wondrous times ahead.

Please consider this proposal and its implication for your institution. I hope the thoughts presented in this letter could be of value in formulating programs and policies, and to spark a meaningful exchange of ideas. As Rael's science representative, I will be happy to speak with you or a representative of your organization to explore various options in this regard. Looking forward to your response.

Best Regards

Mehran Sam, Ph.D.
Raelian Science Director

"It is dangerous to live a life dictated by a god. Our mission is to make science into a religion. Science generates love and health; religion generates physical and psychic unbalance, violence and war. Science is the most beautiful expression of human genius and should be the only religion in
the world."
- Rael